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Childcare advice: How to prepare your child for their first summer camp

Posted on 05-02-2014 | Tony VanValkenburg


Summer camp is a very different environment from home or school. The most confident, outgoing child can feel a bit intimidated and overwhelmed at first, even at a daily camp! Here are some tips from Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Las Colinas in Irving, Texas of how to prepare your child for a successful summer camp experience:

  1. Choose a themed camp your child will love: Many camps have a very specific focus, so it's important the theme is something your child will enjoy. Our 2014 summer camps are all about nature! From exploring the outdoors, to learning about ecosystems, interacting with nature, or an abundance of healthy outdoor adventures, we will experience it together in a fun and exciting way. This makes our theme appealing to many children who have a love for animals, creativity with nature themes, playing with their friends, learning summer sports, or just being outdoors.

  2. Talk about your child's concerns: If your child starts to feel anxious, have a discussion with him or her about their fears. This will help them deal with any worries they may have in a constructive way, rather than allowing them to become anxious. Forming a plan together for how to handle these fears, will help your child gain confidence and stay positive. Our daily camp schedule occurs at the Academy, with the exception of field trips, allowing your child to see plenty of friends and familiar faces from the moment he or she arrives.

  3. Prepare your child for the camp routine: Since summer is very different from the school year, talk to your child about what they can expect during a typical day at camp. You can discuss the different upcoming events, talk about the exciting scheduled field trips, and even practice a few activities at home. A hike along the nature trail with your child and a few of their friends at Mountain Creek Preserve, followed by a barbeque, and a sing-along of camp songs, will definitely set the mood for an exciting time at summer camp.

Our 2014 summer camp program, "Camp Nature Kids," for preschoolers through 12 years of age, is all about exploring and learning together about the wonders nature has to offer. Your child will be supported and nurtured by our Academy's experienced and dedicated staff who will encourage every child to realize their potential and thrive in this fun environment. For more information about our ten-week, daily summer camp, please contact us today as space is limited.

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